Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spirit of the Living God

The sun you created,
warms my cheeks,
just as your love,
warms the deepest,
places of my heart.

You search and find,
the cold and barren land,
within my soul,
and gently touch it,
with your sweet Holy Spirit.

My counselor begs and pleads,
with soft whispers in my ear,
reminding me...nudging me,
to feed and water this dry place,
by crying out praise to my King.

My desposite guaranteeing,
my Saviors return one day,
asks desperately but sincerely,
to exchange my downcast spirit,
for adoration of songs to God my Father.

My soul will be blessed,
My spirit awakened,
Trouble will fade,
And joy will arise,
As springs of living water flow freely.