Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bleating Lamb

The bleating Lamb,
Doth call me in the night,
His white wool hair warms me and I talk awhile with Him.

Rescue me this day my Lord,
Just as all other days,
Since your hand print embedded itself upon my heart.

You the Lamb,
Return innocence to my sin sick soul,
Restore calm to me amidst the trials of this lost world.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I hushed my mind to sweet deliverance,
In a quiet moment with Him.

The peace which came brought solitude,
To a mind cluttered in shame.

I plead not to leave this secret place,
Where no one is but Him.

The wind of His breath catches my hair,
As He sings these sweet words to me….

Rest now and be free,
Cried my Abba within me.

I’ve taken the weight from limb and heart,
I’ve paid the price at Calvary.

You are in me and I in you,
A blood bond that shall not divide.

Just rest your soul within my hands,
For the victory is already won.

I’ve risen from behind the stone
And sit by my Father’s side.

Hush now and listen,
For the sound of the trumpet.

I am coming soon to carry my bride,
Over the threshold of glory!