Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where is Jesus?

Is Jesus your life or is Jesus just in your life?
Read the first sentence again….think about your day…ponder what is important…who is valued by calculating the time you spend in these areas of your life.


Does your spiritual life touch all other parts of your daily living or do you leave Christ sitting in the pew every Sunday waiting for your return the next week? We want Jesus to be with us just as we carry our wallet and purse everywhere we go, but why do we leave our true identity at the door step waving good bye?

We are like the captain of our kickball team. We pick and choose the players that will give us a winning edge. Why do we choose Jesus last at times? We make him sit on the bench and wait when we forget to greet him as the sunlight warms our face awakening us to start the day. We leave the Prince of Peace in the dust when we rush with our own agenda and neglect to read His word and pray. We sadden Immanuel when we choose the couch and television instead of a quiet moment sitting in His lap. We tell him not in words, but by our actions that he’s not good enough to play in our game.

We can’t choose how we die, but we can choose how we live. Jesus sits patiently with sweaty palms and a rapid heart beat waiting for you to call his name to go into the game. Will you call upon the Lord today?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sometimes all I have is you Lord,

When others hurt and wound,

my doormat soul.

All I have is you!

So I look to the hills,

From whence cometh my help.

All I have is you Lord!

All I have is you!

Let my eyes see your brilliance

And shed thy grace upon me

that I might love despite the pain...

So all they see is you Lord!

So all they see is you!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

In desperate need,
upon my knees,
I beg of my Father,
in prayer.
It's for my family,
for my church,
for my nation,
please bless these.
Though the shadow,
of the crooked branches,
try desperately,
to reach my heart.
And the silver lined clouds,
cause me to doubt,
The wind whips,
And reminds me of your power.
The air which pushes,
the hair from mine eyes,
whispers sweetly,
keep your focus on Me!