Sunday, February 8, 2009

He Makes a Way

Sleep eludes the restless soul,

By the clever deciever of lies,

Who taunts with thoughts of unbelief,

With a well laid plan of deception.

The head jukes left and then quickly to the right,

To outmaneuver the fiery arrows,

Out of breath and weary from the fight,

The brow singed from the heat of the flame.

A cry out to the lover of all souls,

no turning back nor walking away,

From the One who carries sin proclaims ,

Walk through the fire and reach for the nail pierced hand.

As a knight in armor,

donned with helmet and breastplate,

The sword is raised above the head,

The command given, "Get thee behind me Satan".

I am a child of the Most High,

And at the name of Jesus you must leave,

A roaring wind followed by tranquil calm,

Restores joy and peace abounds once again.